Laravel 10 With Laravel/UI BootStrap 5 Auth

[1] Create a Laravel Project


Laravel v.10.23.0

PHP v.8.2

[2] Add Package

Add Laravel UI package

composer require laravel/ui --dev

[3] Install Bootstrap Styling

Add Bootstrap Styling for the Laravel UI Auth

php artisan ui bootstrap --auth

Add bootStrap icons.

npm install bootstrap-icons --save-dev

[4] Update Styling Files

[4.1] Change the name of resources/css to resources/sass.

[4.2] Add/Update the following codes to resources/sass/app.scss.

/* Fonts */
@import url('');
/* Variables */
@import 'variables';
/* Bootstrap */
@import 'bootstrap/scss/bootstrap';
@import 'bootstrap-icons/font/bootstrap-icons.css';

[5] Build the BootStrap Styling files

npm install

npm run build

[6] View the site

View the Register page i.e. http://your_domain_name/register